Ancient Architecture in Mumbai

Mumbai – the most sought-after place for your dream home is also a heritage center where thousands of people from across the corners of the world as well as from the world come to visit each year. When you talk of Mumbai, there are a plethora of aspects and life conditions that come in our minds. From the lavish buildings to the crowded slum area, each location has its own charm in Mumbai. If you happen to be visiting Mumbai as a tourist, then you must know about the top places of architectural importance in the city that you must not miss out. Here is our tailor-made list for you to visit the top places in Mumbai when you visit the city next time.

  1. Gateway of India: When you think of Mumbai, one cannot miss out the Gateway of India –the epitome of beauty and a significant architectural beauty of the city. Any individual who visits Mumbai makes it a point to go to Gateway of India which is the most recognized and famous monument of the city. This historic monument was constructed for the commemoration of the visit of Queen Mary and King George V to Mumbai. If you are out on your exploration of the city, then you must visit this famous place of both historical as well as the architectural importance that is located beside the Arabian Sea. With the vast expanse of the sea and the serenity of the surrounding nature, you can easily get lost in your thoughts. The beauty of this historical place is quite surreal and soothing to the view of an individual. You can be amazed by the Indo-Saracenic architecture embodied by the monument that combines both the Hindu as well as the Islamic styles. The Gateway of India tops the list of the most famous and the most visited place in Mumbai. It was in 2011 that the Gateway of India was listed as one of the best free heritage sites and tourist attraction spot in the World.

Ancient Architecture Mumbai - Gateway of India

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  1. Taj Palace and Tower Hotel: If you are on the premises of the Gateway of India, then you need not go anywhere else to visit these historical landmarks. Both the majestic Taj Palace as well as the Taj Tower Hotel are located on the premises of the Gateway of India itself. The Taj Palace Hotel was built in 1903 and is unmatchable in its architectural marvel that brings together the styles of ancient British glory. The structure is adorned with several spectacular chandeliers, turrets, domes and archways. The Taj Palace Hotel has also a noteworthy collection of artifacts and art work. You can treat yourself to amazing tea at the prestigious Sea Lounge located in the Heritage Wing. You can also relish on a meal at Souk that overlooks the majestic Mumbai Harbour.

Ancient Architecture Mumbai - Taj Palace and Tower Hotel 

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  1. Elphinstone College: It is considered to be one of the finest models of architectural beauty and excellence in India. It symbolizes the ancient Victorian culture and is an epitome of beauty and elegance. It was built in the 1880s and was designed by Khan Bahadur Muncherjee Murzban and Trubshaw. This was originally meant to be used as the house of the Government Central Pass. In the recent times, it is used as for the educational purposes and a leading educational institute in Mumbai. The entire building symbolises Gothic architecture and has been classified as Grade I in the list of the heritage structure. It was recently restored by the Kala Ghoda Association.

Ancient Architecture Mumbai - Elphinstone College

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4. Rajabhai Clock Tower: This architectural marvel is located within the University of Mumbai. This is an iconic tower of 260-foot height that has been modeled on the Big Ben in London. The Rajabhai Clock Tower was designed and constructed by Sir George Gilbert Scott who was a renowned English architect. This spectacular tower was constructed in November 1878 and took as many as ten years to complete. The amazing tower was named after the mother of a 19th century affluent stockbroker who was responsible for funding the construction of this tower. In the earlier times, nobody was allowed to enter the tower. However, it was later on opened to public entry on 12th May, 2015. The interior of the tower has been constructed magnificently in an ornamental manner that is flanked by the majestic exteriors depicting 24 statues of the various castes and communities of the Western India.

Ancient Architecture Mumbai - Rajabhai Clock Tower

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Are you on a traveling spree to Mumbai? If so, then you cannot miss out to visit the places of top architectural as well as the historical importance that we have listed above. Mumbai is a great and welcoming city to the tourists who pour in thousands into this amazing city. You cannot afford to miss out on these majestic places on your trip to the dream city. So pack your bags and get set ready to explore Mumbai at its best!